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Quick Facts of Santa Isabel:

  • Population: 30 hab (census 2011).
  • Demonym: Santaisabelinos .
  • Currency: Bolívar fuerte (VEF)
  • Economy : Agriculture,Fishing and Tourism.
  • Time zone: (GMT -4)
  • Electricity:110/60.
  • Calling code: 0294.
  • Postal code: 6164.
  • Coordinates:: 10°44’31.89” N 62°38’56.67” W
  • Official Language:Spanish .
  • Religion:Most of the population is of Christian denomination.
  • Mayor: Álvaro Lugo- MUD .( Mayor in incharge ).
  • Patron Saint :Saint Elizabeth - August
  • Commune Council President: Oswaldo Millan.

People :

Most people in Santa Isabel are fishermen, an unique people, you can see their smile just stroll through the charming streets of the village and you will agree with us. It is not difficult to make new friends..... .

How to get to Santa Isabel :

Service is available by shared taxies from Rio Caribe (from the Gas Station (bomba de gasolina) to San Juan de Unare and

Arriving at San Juan de Unare, head to the Beach a couple of streets of the town, first ask if there is any Fisherman from Santa Isabel, otherwise, ask if there is someone from Boca de Cumaná..

The trip takes an hour and a half and two hours from Rio Caribe to San Juan de Unare and only 20 minutes away by boat to the port of the town of Santa Isabel.

Climate :

Santa Isabel, is in the tropics, enjoys a tropical maritime climate influenced by the northeast trade winds.,the average temperature is 26 ° C, and the average maximum temperature is 34 ° C during the day and around 20 ° C average night. The humidity is high, particularly during the wet season, when the average 85% . receives an average of 211 cm ³ of rain per year, usually concentrated in the months from June to December, 5 where brief, intense floods occur frequently. Precipitation increases in the North Range, where it can receive up to 381 cm ³. During the dry season,droughts attack the top center of the territory, it is outside the hurricane belt.

what to wear :

The climate is tropical, so informal casual clothing is the rule.please use swimsuit and bikini only on the on beaches and rivers..

Geography :

Santa Isabel situated at 40 meters above sea level is in the Antonio José de Sucre Parish - Paria Peninsula in the Arismendi municipality of Sucre state , Most of the area consists of mountainous terrain with some small valleys and rivers flowing into the sea. this widely covered by tropical jungle. .

Distance from Santa Isabel to: :

    Chuao (1.3km west)
    La Pava (3.2km east)
    Boca de Cumaná (4.1km west)
    Puerto Escondido (4.9km east)
    Pueblo Nuevo (5.9km south)
    Cipara (5.9km west)
    Tacarigua (6.6km east)
    Las Melenas (7.0km south east)
    Puerto La Cruz (7.9km east)
    Cumana (188.1 km west)
    Guiria (40.8 km south east)
    Carupano (68.1 km west)
    Rio Caribe (46.1 km west)
    Maturin(123.1 km south west)
    Port-of-spain (143.9 km east)
    Porlamar Del Caribe(145.9 km west)

    History :

    Santa Isabel was founded in 1805 by the British and Martiniqueans , the chapel was built in 1927 by the master builder Silvio Cruz .

    • PLACES OF INTEREST: Historic Homes of Rio Grande de la Costa..

    • PERSONAJES ILUSTRES DE RIO GRANDE DE LA COSTAJuana Dolores Valdéz, Nació en Yoco el 16 de septiembre de 1935. Es conocida como La poetisa de Yoco. Se residenció en Punta de Piedras a los 16 años cuando contrajo matrimonio con Félix Manuel Centeno. Se dedicó a componer versos, cuentos y diversiones, actividad por la que fue conocida en el municipio. Escribió más de cien poemas y cuentos versados y aproximadamente veinte obras y diversiones teatrales para el carnaval, llamados por el pueblo “Dramas de Carnaval” y que constituyen una manifestación cultural de la Península de Paria, con elementos del siglo de oro español y la comedia del arte italiano, así como del romanticismo teatral y la zarzuela. Entre estos dramas de carnaval destacan: Colón y su hijo Diego, El Cacique Guaicaipuro, La Mariposa, La Gitana y el Márquez entre otras. Entre sus poemas destaca Mi Nido Roto, en el que le escribe a sus once hijos a quienes denomina siete palomitas y cuatro pajaritos. En 1995 fue declarada patrimonio cultural viviente del estado Sucre. Falleció en febrero de 1995.

    Santa Isabel Cove

    This beautiful cove is home to several fishermen families . It has a small river that supplies the needs of the population of this important fluid. This bay is open to the south. The beach is 100 meters long ....


Álvaro Lugo- MUD
Arismendi Municipality Mayor
Estado Sucre

Arismendi Municipality Mayor



Calendar of Events

  • New Year
  • Enero       
  • Carnival
  • March       
  • Easter
  • April         
  • Mother's day
  • May
  • The Virgin of the Valley
  • May 31rst
  • Independence day
  • July
  • Christmas
  • Deceember

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